Board and Staff of the Surdna Foundation are committed to being responsible, transparent and accountable stewards of the public trust. We are committed to fulfilling our mission with personal and professional integrity – working with colleagues in supportive and fair relationships, avoiding conflicts of interest and complying with the spirit and letter of applicable laws. We recognize and act upon our obligations to multiple stakeholders: the donor and the donor's family, grantees and grantseekers, the public and governmental bodies.

The Foundation has established the following to support ethical conduct:
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Our Stated Approach to Grantmaking

We are interested in fostering catalytic, entrepreneurial programs, which offer viable solutions to difficult systemic problems. We seek high-quality, direct-service programs that advance our philanthropic goals.

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Responsible Stewardship

The Foundation manages its funds responsibly and prudently...

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Whistleblower Policy

As beneficiaries of the public trust and stewards of the legacy of our founder, John E. Andrus, the Surdna Foundation should represent the pinnacle of sound financial, auditing and foundation management standards and practices. As such, the Foundation's Directors, Officers and Staff must comply with the laws and regulations applicable to private foundation and must faithfully implement the Foundation's own policies and procedures. This is particularly true with regard to matters and controls that affect the Foundation's finances, audits, and governance.

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Measuring Success

Surdna is committed to measuring its effectiveness, where possible and within reasonable costs, to ensure high quality in the Foundation's grantmaking and other processes and to chart our progress in pursuing our goals.

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Conflict of Interest Policy

We acknowledge that due to the privilege of tax exemption, we have an obligation to adhere to the highest ethical standards and must continually earn the "public trust." We also acknowledge allegiance to the heritage of John E. Andrus, a man of high ethical standards.

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Inclusiveness and Diversity

In all aspects of its business activities and employment practices, it is the policy of the Foundation to provide equal opportunity without regard to an individual's age, color, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

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