Phil Henderson, Surdna Foundation's President, reflects on the mission, goals, and programs of the social justice family foundation.

From the President

  • Foundations partnering with the crowd?

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    In Alliance magazine, Phil Henderson asks if an initial wave of crowdfunding support directed towards immediate, tangible and compelling issues might crowd out funding for society’s more complex – and often less visible – longer-term challenges.


  • A Clunky Word That Says It All

    Surdna is a family foundation.  A simple statement, but one that carries deep meaning for us -- meaning that shapes much of what we do.  At our most recent board meeting, we continued our examination of potential changes to the way we invest our endowment, we discussed some important modifications to the role of the board in our grantmaking process, and we breathed new life into a conversation between Surdna and the Andrus Family Fund, a grantmaking fund we created just over 15 years ago.

  • Chronicle of Philanthropy Interview with Phil Henderson: Why 'Fail Fast' Isn't the Right Approach for Philanthropy

    When Phil Henderson joined the Surdna Foundation as its president seven years ago, he led the nearly 100-year-old family foundation through an introspective process of defining its values and then reshaping its programs with a view far into the future.

Phillip Henderson, President, Surdna Foundation

Phillip W. HendersonA national leader among family foundation executives, Phil Henderson has focused Surdna on collaboration both internally across programs, and externally among funders within the foundation's issue areas. He has committed the foundation to using social justice as a compass to guide the systemic change Surdna aims for in its mission.

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