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This paper focuses on one of the most promising strategies water utilities can use to develop broad public support:... More

America has a serious problem with combined sewer overflows. In responding to this environmental and public health... More

As Americans contend with soaring healthcare costs and the enormous gap between what we pay for treatment and its... More

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Amy Morris | Program Officer, Strong Local Economies| April 15, 2014   Progressive icons Paul Wellstone, Hubert... More

First two investments: to expand regional food hubs; provide upfront capital to contractors owned by women and people... More
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When local government sustainability offices join forces with local, place-based philanthropies, the bottom line is a... More
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Amid continuing mixed signals about the economy, one notable bright spot is the revival of U.S. manufacturing.  The Brookings Institution recently released the latest "How We're Doing" index: “Amid Fiscal Uncertainty, Manufacturing Is Up,” by Bruce and Martin Baily, Brookings Senior Fellow in Economic Studies. Bruce and Martin analyze the past five quarters of economic data to explore how growth in manufacturing is helping support the nation's fragile economic recovery. They write, “Amid continuing mixed signals about the state of the economy, one notable bright spot is the revival of U.S. manufacturing. The surprising strength of this once-battered sector holds promise for strengthening the U.S. economy overall, and despite continued troubles in Europe its new vigor may provide a boost to the global economy.”

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