Outreach efforts outside Sen. Bennet's Denver Office. In foreground is Don Ross, Alaskan bush pilot who is bicycling from AK to DC to raise awareness about devastation he's witnessed on his home state from climate change.

1Sky has built a coalition of 600 allied organizations to educate and mobilize the public about the importance of comprehensive climate policy, working to strengthen the nation's economic competitiveness through green jobs, and accelerating the transition off of fossil fuels by integrating local greening and energy initiatives into the national dialogue.  Through the smart use of media, 1Sky is building a powerfully diverse, well-trained grassroots movement. While other organizations have similar collaborative partnerships, 1Sky is the only coalition oriented, volunteer-based campaign on climate and energy policy and is the largest collaborative campaign on climate change in the country. In addition, 1 Sky has a deep, demonstrated emphasis on sustained political engagement through leadership development and grassroots movement building.

Formed in 2007, following a series of dialogues among leaders from environmental, faith, human rights, anti-poverty and youth groups, along with policy analysts, communications experts and climate scientists, 1Sky is committed to identifying the steps that our leaders need to take in order to shift our nation away from climate change and toward the prosperity of a green economy. 1Sky's founders understood that the political, human rights and economic repercussions of climate change transcended the "environmental issue" label and existed as a nation-wide challenge requiring a unified response.

1Sky's political awareness campaigns have generated impressive impact:

  1. Starting in March, 1Sky organizers began leading efforts to protect the Clean Air Act.  By organizing outreach to 40 Senate and House offices to express to members of Congress citizen concerns regarding climate change, 1Sky worked to preserve the Clean Air Act from attacks to weaken the law.
  2. Following a collaborative campaign with (fellow Surdna grantee) the Energy Action Coalition and others, President Obama announced his intention to attend the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations, where the administration committed to raising $100 billion for international climate adaptation and other key issues.
  3. Following a 1 Sky public advocacy campaign, forty-eight members of the US House of Representatives signed on to a letter calling for a stronger Renewable Energy Standard and shifting money away from coal toward green jobs, clean energy, and international funding.

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