Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
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Investment Philosophy

As of June 30, 2014, Surdna Foundation’s assets totaled $1,042,167,624. Our investment portfolio had a return of 16.5% in fiscal 2014 net of investment management fees, which was 0.5% above our benchmark return. The annualized trailing return over the last 10 years was 8.9%, or 2.2% above our benchmark return of 6.7%. So for each of the last 10 years, the endowment (on average) outperformed its benchmark by 2.2%.

Surdna Foundation is a long-term and disciplined investor with the objective of earning a real rate of return, net of expenses, sufficient to fund current program needs and administrative support, while maintaining the purchasing power of the endowment. Surdna’s strong performance is due to maintaining a diversified asset allocation, regular rebalancing, and seeking out and investing with the highest performing and proven investment managers possible.