Surdna Foundation 2013 Annual Report
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Sustainable Environments

Sustainable Environments Grants Descriptions

Alliance for a Just Rebuilding

New York, NY | $50,000 (24 months)

To support the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding to promote equity and sustainability in post-Sandy rebuilding investments. Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Strong Local Economies Program.

Category: Integrated Infrastructure

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Washington, DC | $200,000 (24 months)

To advance energy-efficient communities and resilient infrastructure investments through policy benchmarking, outreach, and technical assistance for local governments and other community stakeholders.

Category: Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

American Rivers

Washington, DC | $200,000 (24 months)

To improve urban water management by fostering green infrastructure in two cities, developing innovative financing mechanisms, and exploring approaches to better align transportation and water planning.

Category: Urban Water Management

Blue Green Alliance Foundation

Minneapolis, MN | $150,000

To continue to build support for model transportation procurement strategies that integrate job creation standards into the purchasing of public transit to revitalize domestic transportation manufacturing.

Category: Sustainable Transportation Networks & Equitable Development Patterns

Brookings Institution

Washington, DC | $600,000 (36 months)

General operating support for research, policy, practice, network building, and outreach activities of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program. Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Strong Local Economies Program.

Category: Integrated Infrastructure

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Chicago, IL | $500,000 (24 months)

For the establishment of wet weather retrofit ('wetrofit’) services in Chicago area communities that support stormwater management and provide data and advocacy tools to spur similar market-based solutions in other cities.

Category: Urban Water Management

Center for Neighborhood Technology

Chicago, IL | $15,000

To support the CNT's 'Strong Foundations for a Sustainable Economy' program.

Category: Discretionary

Center for Working Families

New York, NY | $15,000

To support an assessment of NYSERDA's implementation of the Green Jobs Green New York Program.

Category: Discretionary

Center on Wisconsin Strategy

Madison, WI | $400,000 (24 months)

To support city leaders in the use of infrastructure investments to reduce environmental impact, mitigate long term inequity and disinvestment, protect against new threats from climate disruption, and deliver economic benefit.

Category: Integrated Infrastructure

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Takoma Park, MD | $50,000

To support the ‘Windmills Not Oil Spills Campaign: Year 3,’ which is making Maryland and Virginia national leaders in achieving a diverse and lasting coalition of minority businesses, unions, and environmental groups in support of offshore wind power.

Category: Green Economy