Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
2014 Approved Grants > Strong Local Economies
Strong Local Economies

Strong Local Economies Grants Descriptions

Alliance for a Just Society

Seattle, WA | $250,000 (24 months)

To support efforts to build relationships and engage small business owners in dialogue about earned sick leave (ESL), mobilizing them to educate key audiences about how ESL policies support strong local economies

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways

American Sustainable Business Council

Washington, DC | $200,000 (24 months)

To incorporate the voice of minority-owned businesses in American Sustainable Business Council 's campaigns (sick leave, minimum wage) and assist the piloting of a crowd funding platform to give sustainable businesses greater access to capital.

Category: Business Development & Acceleration

Anchor Institutions Task Force

New York, NY | $225,000 (36 months)

To support the development of ongoing measurement of the economic development practices of anchors and technical assistance to current anchor partnerships.

Category: Equitable Economic Development

Asian Americans For Equality

New York, NY | $100,000

To develop an EB-5 'Regional Center' dedicated to addressing the employment and community economic development needs of New York’s immigrant populations served by Asian Americans For Equality.

Category: Equitable Economic Development

BOC Capital Corp.

Brooklyn, NY | $480,000 (36 months)

To build the capacity of BOC Capital Corp. to manage a Mobilization Loan Program and provide technical assistance for small minority and women-owned contractors working on Sandy recovery efforts.

Category: Business Development & Acceleration

BOC Capital Corp.

Brooklyn, NY | $700,000 (36 months)

To assist minority and women-owned small construction businesses to compete for Sandy recovery subcontracts through the New York City's Department of Environmental Protection, as well as for specific recovery-related contract opportunities issued through other agencies in the near future.

Category: Program Related Investment

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Bellingham, WA | $300,000 (24 months)

To expand BALLE's Local Economies Fellowship dedicated to cultivating a national shift towards inclusive, strong local economies.

Category: Business Development & Acceleration

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage

Boston, MA | $200,000 (24 months)

To strengthen the organization’s capacity to educate, organize and publicize business support for increasing the minimum wage at the federal, state and local level.

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways

California Community Foundation

Los Angeles, CA | $15,000

To secure 1,000 livable wage jobs for black male youth 18 years and older who face barriers to employment.

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways

Center for American Progress

Washington, DC | $45,000

To support the White House Summit on Working Families.

Category: Job Quality & Career Pathways