Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
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Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives Grants Descriptions

Independent Sector

Washington, DC | $50,000 (24 months)

For general operating support.

Joint Affinity Groups

Minneapolis, MN | $15,000

To support the Advancing Equity Together campaign and Unity Summit.

Living Cities

New York, NY | $2,000,000 (36 months)

Continued support for a funding collaborative of foundations and financial institutions to improve the quality of life and quality of place for low-income communities.

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Washington, DC | $150,000 (24 months)

To support NCRP’s work to ensure that philanthropy benefits underserved communities and contributes to building a more fair, just and equitable world.

Philanthropy New York

New York, NY | $23,000

General operating expenses and membership.


Oakland, CA | $350,000 (24 months)

To build communications capacity at HUD in order to strategically capture and disseminate stories of equitable, sustainable, and resilient communities.

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

New York, NY | $35,000

To support the planning and research phases of the Theory of the Foundation initiative, a three-year program of research, publishing and convening to explore how foundations now define and achieve their purpose as institutions.

Techsoup Global

San Francisco, CA | $60,000 (24 months)

For general operating support.

The Reinvestment Fund

Philadelphia, PA | $200,000

To help scale up the business and growth objectives of PolicyMap, a web-based data and mapping application that aggregates information from a range of sources for analysis by policy professionals in government and nonprofits.

Wellstone Action Fund

St. Paul, MN | $400,000 (24 months)

To strengthen voting rights work and build enduring civic engagement capacity in at least five states in order to build grassroots support for sustainable and just communities.

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