Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
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Thriving Cultures

Thriving Cultures Grants Descriptions


Providence, RI | $75,000

To enable AS220 Youth to use a high-engagement model of arts education to develop the self-esteem, technical, social, leadership and job readiness skills of at-risk youth.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Asian American Writers' Workshop

New York, NY | $225,000 (36 months)

To support community-based fellowships for emerging writers of color.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Asian Arts Initiative

Philadelphia, PA | $150,000 (24 months)

To support Social Practice Lab residencies that will engage artists and local community residents in Philadelphia's Chinatown.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

AXIS Dance Company

Oakland, CA | $150,000 (36 months)

To support AXIS as a catalyst for changing the face of disability and the landscape of dance.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

Stanford, CA | $240,000 (36 months)

To support an arts and education research project in East Palo Alto to better understand hip hop arts and social justice pedagogies and their impact on teens' engagement in school, community and civic life.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy

Brooklyn, NY | $75,000

To expand access to challenging, professional-level artistic opportunities for teen participants.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Center for Cultural Innovation

Los Angeles, CA | $450,000 (36 months)

To implement a Creative Industries Incentive Network supporting artists and creative entrepreneurs in five California communities through regranting programs, a leadership group and documentation activities.

Category: Artists & Economic Development

Center for Urban Pedagogy

Brooklyn, NY | $80,000 (24 months)

To collaborate with designers and community organizations to produce components in the Envisioning Development Toolkit series. These include toolkits about Affordable Housing and Land Use, and a web-based Zoning tool.

Category: Community Engaged Design

Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund

Berkeley, CA | $75,000

To support CultureStrike, providing funding, partnerships, mentorship and additional support to socially engaged artists.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Cleveland Orchestra

Cleveland, OH | $50,000

Continued support for the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra to provide middle and high school students from throughout the Northern Ohio region with high quality classical music performance experiences.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement