Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
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Thriving Cultures

Thriving Cultures Grants Descriptions

San Francisco, CA | $75,000 (18 months)

To make Human-Centered Design Connect a more powerful learning tool for social sector innovators by adapting the platform to focus more on design methodologies and improve opportunities for virtual exchange of experts and practitioners in the field.

Category: Community Engaged Design

Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY | $300,000 (36 months)

To support Ifetayo's Youth Ensemble and its interconnected Rites of Passage program.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

J. Max Bond Center on Design for the Just City

New York, NY | $110,000

To create new indicators to capture the social impacts of urban design decisions, with a specific focus about how public plaza improvements impact low-income neighborhoods in New York City.

Category: Community Engaged Design

Jazz at Lincoln Center

New York, NY | $300,000 (36 months)

To support the Middle School Jazz Academy, which offers tuition-free instrumental jazz instruction to New York City middle school students from underserved communities.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Junebug Productions, Inc.

New Orleans, LA | $75,000

To document the history of one of the country's most important African American theater companies, and to develop a strategic plan for its producing and fundraising.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Juxtaposition Arts

Minneapolis, MN | $275,000 (36 months)

To build organizational capacity in support of entrepreneurship and creative skills training for low income youth in North Minneapolis. Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Strong Local Economies Program.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Kenyon Review

Gambier, OH | $50,000

To offer an intensive writing program to talented teens from low income backgrounds.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Kings Majestic Corporation

Brooklyn, NY | $50,000

To support a cultural criticism and new media fellowship program for Brooklyn teens.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Kounkuey Design Initiative

Los Angeles, CA | $100,000

To work with residents of rural, North Shore, California to facilitate the visioning, design, and creative programming of the first community-designed, culture-driven public space in the area.

Category: Community Engaged Design

Liquid Studios

New Orleans, LA | $30,000

To create a roadmap for increasing minority business participation in growth industries supporting the New Orleans economy, including creative industries and green water infrastructure. Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Strong Local Economies and Thriving Cultures Programs.

Category: Artists & Economic Development