Surdna Foundation 2014 Annual Report
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Thriving Cultures

Thriving Cultures Grants Descriptions

Cornerstone Theater Company

Los Angeles, CA | $75,000

To support The California Bridge Tour, a touring production and community engagement project with ten underserved communities across California.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change


San Francisco, CA | $75,000 (18 months)

To improve D-Rev's internal tools to capture real-time feedback about social impact design processes, outcome assessments, and product iteration.

Category: Community Engaged Design

Detroit Creative Corridor Center

Detroit, MI | $225,000 (36 months)

To support the Creative Ventures Business Accelerator and the launch of two new trade organizations: Artifact Makers Society and, to support graduates of the accelerator program. Additional funding for this grant comes from Surdna's Strong Local Economies Program.

Category: Artists & Economic Development

Downtown Community Television Center

New York, NY | $120,000 (24 months)

To support PRO-TV, DCTV's professional media arts training program for New York City youth, ages 14-21.

Category: Teens' Artistic & Cultural Advancement

Eastside Arts Alliance

Oakland, CA | $75,000

Continued support for EastSide Arts Alliance (ESAA) to provide resources to local artists as they create and perform new work that addresses the concerns and issues of the San Antonio community of East Oakland.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Efforts of Grace, Inc.

New Orleans, LA | $300,000 (36 months)

To support the creative, cultural, education and community programming of Efforts of Grace/Ashé Cultural Arts Center, as it continues to emerge its leadership and influence in a shifting and transforming inner-city community.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Enterprise Community Partners

Columbia, MD | $500,000 (36 months)

To amplify the voice of low-income communities in processes that impact the built environment by; creating design resources, developing designers' leadership skills and increasing practitioner diversity in the community engaged design field.

Category: Community Engaged Design

Everett Dance Theatre

Providence, RI | $35,000

To support Everett's Freedom Project, an exploration of mass incarceration in America.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Fiji Theater Company

New York, NY | $75,000

To support a series of community-specific social justice theater works, featuring the voices of real people (not professional actors) on stage.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change

Firelight Media

New York, NY | $300,000 (36 months)

To support the Producers' Lab, which nurtures and finances documentary filmmakers of color in order to strengthen the career pipeline for the field.

Category: Artists Engaging in Social Change