Supporting Just and Sustainable Communities

The Surdna Foundation supports social justice reform, healthy environments, inclusive economies, and thriving cultures across the United States.

Our History

The Surdna Foundation was founded in 1917 by John Emory Andrus to pursue a range of philanthropic purposes. To this day, family stewardship of the Foundation is guided by Andrus’ commitment to serving those in need.

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Through our investments, we dismantle the barriers that limit opportunities to create more prosperous, enriching, and sustainable communities. Taken together, our investments build capacity, spark innovation, and connect stakeholders while encouraging lesson-sharing between grantees.

Inclusive Economies

We support and invest in the growth of robust, sustainable economies with diverse businesses owned by people of color and the advancement of equitable economic development.

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Sustainable Environments

We support the creation of just and sustainable communities in which low-wealth and communities of color have the power to self-determine the ownership, control and stewardship of land and its infrastructure assets.

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Thriving Cultures

We invest in artists, culture-bearers, designers, and media-makers of color who partner with their communities to radically imagine justice and foster the conditions for just systems and practices to be adopted.

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April 8, 2019

Surdna Foundation Announces $4.5 Million in Grants

During the period of January-March 2019, 43 grants totaling $4,547,000 were approved by the Surdna Foundation staff and board to further the Foundation’s mission of fostering just and sustainable communities in the United States – communities…

Staff Perspectives
April 8, 2019

Building an Inclusive Economy by Supporting Entrepreneurs of Color

Surdna has committed $100 million and deployed over $50 million in impact investments thus far to build a more inclusive economy. Our investments include supporting entrepreneurs of color so they can fulfill their potential as leaders, creators,…

March 25, 2019

Sustainable Environments' Learning Summaries

With the closeout of the Sustainable Environments Program's Transportation, Regional Food Supply, and Urban Stormwater Management lines of work, Surdna produced a series of learning summaries that capture the lessons learned from funding in those…