Inclusive Economies

The Inclusive Economies Program seeks to foster the creation of an inclusive and equitable economy in which people of color can maximize their potential as leaders, creators and innovators across sectors.

The Change We Seek

Everyone’s economic well-being improves when all communities are empowered to participate on equal footing. We seek an economy that truly works the same for everyone. Through concentrated strategic grantmaking, program-related investments, partnerships and field building we hope to elevate communities of color across income and class.

Areas of Focus

We believe that by investing in the development of businesses owned by people of color and by increasing community voice in economic planning, we can help usher in a new economy defined by just and equitable economic growth.

Business Start-up & Growth

We seek to increase representation in ownership of scalable businesses and in high-growth sectors by people of color with an emphasis on African-Americans and Latinos.

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Equitable Economic Development

We seek to amplify community voice in decision-making and increase the number and percent of quality jobs among communities of color with an emphasis on African-American and Latino communities.

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