Thriving Cultures

The Thriving Cultures Program seeks to foster the conditions in which artists, culture-bearers, designers, and media-makers of color can maximize their potential as leaders, agents of social change, and designers of just systems and communities.

The Change We Seek

We believe that everyone’s well-being improves when we attend to the cultural fabric of our communities and design a world where all people are able to participate equitably. Through grantmaking, program related investments, partnerships, advocacy, and movement building we hope to address racism, increase access to capital, and expand participation for artists, culture-bearers, media makers, and designers of color.

Area of Focus

We invest in the capacity of artists, designers, media-makers, and culture-bearers of color to imagine and practice justice with their communities; create narrative platforms that amplify the stories and experiences of communities of color; and expand community voices to develop more equitable outcomes across racial lines.


We support artists, culture-bearers, designers, and media makers of color pursuing projects that illustrate a more just community through systems change as well as those working to create narrative platforms — Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality — that amplify the benefits of systems change for a more racially-just society.

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We support the documentation, interpretation and critique of racially-just practices developed by artists, designers, media-makers, and culture-bearers of color in partnership with their communities. Most of this funding will directly support artist projects funded through our Create approach in order to amplify learning from their work.

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We support narrative change and public and private sector policy implementation that emerge from our “Create” and “Clarify” approaches.

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