Thriving Cultures


The Outcomes We Seek

Increased Funding

We seek to increase public and private funding to artists, arts nonprofits, and creative businesses of color.

Increased Policies

We seek to increase policies that explicitly articulate how to close racial disparities.

Increased Democratic Participation

We seek to increase democratic participation through their engagement with and exposure to artistic and media projects supported by the Foundation.

Knowledge Cultivation

We seek to foster greater knowledge about how arts, culture, and design are essential to equitable community development, social movements, and narrative change.

We believe that narrative change through advocacy, organizing efforts and social movements have the ability to positively shift public policy and private sector practices to benefit people of color. We aim to support efforts to elevate narratives and progressive policies, protect existing progressive policies, and abolish regressive policies that harm people of color and low-wealth communities.

Grants under this strategy will be announced beginning January 2019.
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Reports & Publications
July 21, 2017

Helicon Collaborative Report: Not Just Money

Helicon Collaborative recently released Not Just Money: Equity Issues in Cultural Philanthropy, a research study conducted with funding from the Surdna Foundation. The study continues Helicon's examination of inequities in arts funding in the…