Listen: Director of Surdna’s Thriving Cultures Program Discusses Culture, Equity & American Theater

Our cultural institutions shape how we view the world, and Javier Torres-Campos, the Director of the Thriving Cultures Program at the Surdna Foundation, is doing his part to help shape those cultural institutions for the better. Javier doesn’t just fund the arts, either. He is looking at how changes in city planning, design, and even architecture can help build a more equitable society.

Javier and Eric Brown, host of podcast Let’s Hear It, had a freewheeling conversation about the role cultural institutions can play in helping open up the American mind. They also had a fascinating exchange about a document called “We See You White American Theater” that challenges the structure for creating, funding, and administering theater in this country.

If you care about the future of arts in America, or even just the future of the American mind, don’t miss this episode.

Originally aired on Let’s Hear It, a podcast about social change communications.