Surdna & Social Justice

The Change We Seek

We strive to achieve a just and equitable society through transformative processes. We aim to help shift historic patterns of power imbalance. We observe persistent patterns of inequality and strive to address their root causes. We believe that inequity hurts everyone and that racial and social justice yield benefits throughout society.

Our Approach

We work with grantee partners and practitioners across diverse fields, focusing on:


We seek equal access to opportunity, with barriers dismantled in communities that have been historically disenfranchised and systematically excluded.

Root Causes

Systems thinking and history ground our work; we aim to address root causes. We work to transform the systems of inequity – particularly racism, classism and sexism – that have shaped opportunity in society. We acknowledge the inequity that exists based on country of origin, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, and ability, among other group identities.


We believe that the communities that are most affected by racism, classism and sexism should lead the structural changes they seek. Decision-making structures and processes must prioritize empowerment.

Capacity Building

To shift power dynamics, we work with grantee partners to develop emerging leaders from historically marginalized identity groups. We make investments in organizational capacity so under-resourced organizations can fully participate as informed partners.