Sustainable Environments

The Sustainable Environments program seeks to support communities of color and low-wealth communities to direct infrastructure and land use investment dollars, drive decision-making processes and design policy solutions because those who are disproportionately impacted by environmental and climate inequity have the most powerful solutions to resolve these inequities.

The Change We Seek

We believe by investing in the capacity of environmental and climate justice frontline and grassroots movements, particularly those led by people of color, and the capacity of communities to self-determine the ownership, control and stewardship of land and infrastructure assets, then communities will begin to see more equitable environmental outcomes across racial lines that benefit and uplift all.

Areas of Focus

We support leaders and organizations who are building accountability within public and private infrastructure sectors, building knowledge about and access to alternatives to current infrastructure systems; and building democratic participation – particularly for low-wealth communities and communities of color which are politically marginalized.

Environmental & Climate Justice

We seek to center and support the power of communities of color and low-wealth communities most impacted by environmental and climate injustices.  These communities hold expertise and solutions to build economic justice, design for racial equity, and solve environmental problems.

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Land Use Through Community Power

We seek to increase community control, ownership and stewardship of land and infrastructure.

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