Thriving Cultures


The Outcomes We Seek

Increased Funding

We seek to increase public and private funding to artists, culture-bearers, designers, media-makers, arts nonprofits, and creative businesses of color.

Strengthened Ecosystem

We seek to strengthen and increase the visibility of networks of multi-generational and multi-racial arts, culture, design and media leaders.

We believe that increasing the number and percentage of stable and established artists, culture-bearers, designers, and media-makers of color will lead to our long-term outcomes of communities having the power and capacity to hold government and private entities—those that contribute to inequitable racial outcomes—accountable to their constituents and communities and will lead to adoption of more racially-just systems.

To achieve these outcomes, we intend to influence public and private grantmaking in order to increase the amount of public and private funding that artists, culture-bearers, designers, and media-makers of color receive, as well as explore opportunities to change the racial and gender dynamics of funders and investors.

We seek to shift government and corporate policies that impact marginalized communities and communities of color, through the work of artists, culture-bearers, designers, and media-makers of color and their communities. Additionally, we continue to value tailored and targeted support systems for artists of color that nurture their ideas and growth via connections to mentors, capital, skills and information.

Grants under this strategy will be announced beginning January 2019.
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Reports & Publications
July 21, 2017

Helicon Collaborative Report: Not Just Money

Helicon Collaborative recently released Not Just Money: Equity Issues in Cultural Philanthropy, a research study conducted with funding from the Surdna Foundation. The study continues Helicon's examination of inequities in arts funding in the…