Inclusive Economies

Equitable Economic Development

The Outcomes We Seek

A More Inclusive Economic Development Practice

We seek to shift economic development practices to be more inclusive of people of color and produce better outcomes for our priority communities.

Increased Advocacy for Equitable Development

We seek to improve labor standards by increasing community voice in policy processes and by creating greater public and private sector accountability.

We support a cultural shift in economic development efforts through training programs, industry networks and technical assistance that equip government agencies with the necessary tools to embed accountability and equity into their economic development work. We believe that increasing the representation of diverse and progressive constituents in economic development decision making will lead to new policies and practices that produce better outcomes for people of color and low-wealth communities.

We believe that advocacy and organizing efforts have shifted public policy and private sector practices in relation to labor laws that benefit our priority communities. We support efforts to develop new progressive policies, protect existing progressive policies, and abolish regressive policies that harm people of color and low-wealth communities. We also plan to use this intervention for targeted support of cities or regions for longer-term place-based investments.

Grants under this strategy will be announced beginning October 2018.
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August 1, 2018

Living Cities Blog: Start Up, Stay Up, Scale Up [SU(3)] - Part 1

New Orleans – along with Albuquerque and San Francisco–are a part of a new Living Cities’ cohort intended to tackle entrepreneurial barriers for people of color. The initiative–named Start Up, Stay Up, Scale Up –is designed to connect…

June 8, 2018

Community LIFT: A Push for Place

By the end of July, the group that works to connect the dots among the city’s community development corporations plans to have a report that looks at how other cities are connecting the dots in a much broader way. Community LIFT has…

What We're Learning
August 4, 2017

Funders' Network Report: Anchored in Place

Anchor institutions can play a vital role in strengthening and connecting local economies, and can serve as powerful drivers for building inclusive and equitable communities. A new report issued this week by the Funders’ Network as part of its…