Centennial Publication: Social Justice at the Surdna Foundation

“Social Justice at the Surdna Foundation” is the Surdna Foundation’s final of three centennial publications. The narrative is a reflection on how Surdna’s board landed on social justice as the core of the Foundation’s grantmaking and why we have chosen to stay in this funding space.  The narrative, authored by Sharda Sekaran, includes the distillation of 28 interviews with the Foundation’s board (past and present), current staff, grantees and partners in the field. These conversations contextualized the Foundation’s social justice commitment and the personal and strategic significance for those closest to the work.

As noted by Judy Belk, a Surdna Board member, “This is a family that gives their time, while celebrating the richness of family and holding the belief that to whom so much is given, so much is expected. It’s a great American story, and I hope this family story inspires others to be courageous and bold and to learn from their experience.”

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