Watch: Helen Chin on the Intersection of Environmental, Economic, and Racial Justice

“To address climate and environmental inequities, we need to think holistically about the role of race and what justice means. We need to look at all aspects of our life. And acknowledge that the root of many injustices is the commoditization of Black and Brown bodies. To live our values of justice and equity, we need to be in right relationship with people of color and the communities we serve.”

– Helen Chin, Program Director for Sustainable Environments


At the South Has Something to Say gathering hosted by the Partnership for Southern Equity and Grantmakers for Southern Progress, Helen Chin, Surdna’s Program Director for Sustainable Environments, shed light on the deep links between racial, economic and environmental inequities and how the foundation supports Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities to address those inequities.

Watch the full video to hear Helen, along with prominent leaders from the South, discuss COVID-19 and the chance to transform the American South and realize the promise of our nation’s democracy.