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From the President
March 16, 2022

Sustaining Support for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

A year ago, a man with a handgun drove to three spas in Atlanta and murdered eight people, including six Asian women. The heinous crime sparked national outrage and heightened awareness about anti-AAPI hate, which had spiked after President Trump…

From the President
June 18, 2021

Juneteenth: Promise and Progress

At long last, Juneteenth is recognized as a national holiday. It marks the day Black enslaved people in Galveston, Texas learned that they were legally free on June 19, 1865--a full two years after President Lincoln signed the Emancipation…

From the President
April 20, 2021

A Step Toward Justice

Today, we are exhaling after a jury convicted Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. A police officer has been held accountable for a horrific crime. But the verdict is no cause for celebration. Accountability cannot bring George Floyd back…

From the President
March 26, 2021

AAPI: A Call for Solidarity and Collective Action

Immediately after the murder of eight people–including six Asian women–in Atlanta, Georgia last Tuesday, I started to write this letter. But it didn’t feel quite right. As an Asian American, I wanted to do more than write a statement. By…

From the President
January 18, 2021

Answering Dr. King’s Question: Where Do We Go from Here?

On this day of remembrance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I'm acutely in need of solace and inspiration. In recent days, I've found myself reaching for his 1968 book, Where Do We Go from Here? Chaos or Community? because the question of…

From the President
January 7, 2021

The Attack on the Capitol: A Call for Accountability and Action

Yesterday's lawless attack on Congress at the Capitol building was an unbelievable and yet completely predictable attempt to overturn the results of America's electoral process and subvert our democracy. It is a direct result of dangerous…

From the President
October 14, 2020

Stepping Up for Racial Justice

Across the U.S., millions have stepped up in support of Black lives and against systemic anti-Black racism. Today, I want to tell you how the Surdna Foundation is stepping up, too. Meeting the Moment Racial and social justice has long been at the…

May 13, 2020

Solidarity and Support for Our Grantees

Dear Grantees, During these uncertain and stressful times, I want to reaffirm our commitment to you, share an update about our COVID-19 response, and offer our resolve for the years ahead. Many of the issues laid bare by the pandemic are the…